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Revolutionizing contract migration and upgrade with deep storage data

We provide seamless and flawless smart contract data extraction, migration and upgrades with near zero downtime 🔥

  • Deep storage extraction
  • Migrations and Upgrades
  • Syncing across chains

Next evolution of smart contracts


At SmartMuv, we're revolutionizing the way you analyze and explore the world of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Our platform is designed for developers, auditors, and blockchain enthusiasts who seek deep insights of their smart contract data.

Next evolution of smart contracts

Key Features


SmartMuv represents the future of smart contract migration and interoperability. We provide cutting-edge deep storage extraction and seamless live migration technology.

Deep Storage Analysis

Get complete analysis reports of contract code and slot layout.

Contract Migration

Flawlessly migrate your Smart Contract on your desired chain with near zero downtime

Contract Upgrade

Upgrade your smart contract along its current storage using SmartMuv.

Storage Snapshots

Get a complete deep storage snapshot of your contract data.

State Packing

Download smart contract data with slot-value association in JSON format.

Live Syncing

Make your contract supported on multichain

Smart Data Extraction


Get the complete data storage of your smart contract, including multidimensional mapping variables and other complex variables.

  • Analyze: Thoroughly inspect your smart contract's storage.
  • Extract: Precisely retrieve all data, no matter how complex.
  • Download: Securely obtain a complete data snapshot for your needs.
Smart Data Extraction

Highly Customizable


Our platform is designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to manage and manipulate your data according to your specific needs.

  • Get what you want.
  • Do what you need

You have a granular control on your data with just a few clicks.

Highly Customizable

Why SmartMuv?


We are your go-to platform for state-of-the-art data extraction, deep storage exploration & Analysis, Fast migration or syncing across chains.

  • Are you tired of huge developer costs?
  • You are looking for a flawless migration to another chain?
  • You want to Migrate Fast to another Blockchain?
  • Do you need smart data extraction of your contract?
  • You need an expert guided storage audit of your contract?
Why SmartMuv?

Frequently asked questions


Can't find the answer you're looking for? feel free to contact us.

How does Smartmuv ensure zero downtime during migration?

Our proprietary migration techniques and advanced algorithms allow us to seamlessly transfer data without interrupting your operations, ensuring a smooth transition with zero downtime.

What blockchains does Smartmuv support for migration?

Smartmuv supports migrations between EVM and non-EVM blockchains, including but not limited to Avalanche, Arbitrum, Immutable, Ethereum, Polygon, Base, and more. We are constantly expanding our capabilities.

How is Smartmuv's approach superior to other solutions?

Our methods are cleaner, scientifically validated, and designed to minimize future development overhead, ensuring a comprehensive, efficient and flawless migration.

Can Smartmuv handle complex data structures and nested mappings?

Yes, Smartmuv is equipped to handle complex data structures, including nested mappings. Our tools and processes are designed to accurately migrate all forms of data without missing.

What additional services does Smartmuv provide?

In addition to data extraction and migration, Smartmuv offers deep storage analysis for audit, gas optimization, to enhance the performance and cost-efficiency of your smart contracts on the new blockchain.

How do I get started with Smartmuv?

To get started, you can contact us through our website or email at We’ll schedule an initial consultation to understand your specific needs and outline a tailored migration plan for your project.

What kind of support does Smartmuv offer during the migration process?

Smartmuv provides comprehensive support throughout the migration process, including pre-migration planning, real-time monitoring, and post-migration validation to ensure everything works seamlessly on the new blockchain.